Past Topics

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How to get started   
Why keep bees & morphs
Splitting Hives
Installing Bee Packages
Swarm Prevention 
Honey Extraction
Setting up NUCs
Fall Feeding
Beekeeping in Ecuador
Winter Preparation


konza Bee Association

Monthly Meetings

2nd Tuesday of Each Month at 7 pm @ Sunset Zoo

 Set Your Calendars

Meeting Topics

January- Splits, and Swarms presented by Nikki 

February - TBA

March -Bee communication by Becky and Steve Tipton

April - Bee Basics: Inspections and question and answer session.  Bee Buddy Program update

May - Kristi Sanderson: Preparing honey for the Fair  rules/regulations

June - Jim Kellie: Pesticides and Bees

July - TBA

August -  What should I be doing this month with my bees? Treating for varroa mite

September - TBA

October -Konza Beekeepers Social October 6th. No regular monthly meeting this month.


December- No Meeting


Northeaster Kansas Beekeepers Association

Bee Fun Day, June 1st Lawrence Kansas

click here FFI.

Party for the Planet:  Noon to 4:30 April 27th At the Sunset Zoo