konza Bee Association

Past Topics

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How to get started   
Why keep bees & morphs
Splitting Hives
Installing Bee Packages
Swarm Prevention 
Honey Extraction
Setting up NUCs
Fall Feeding
Beekeeping in Ecuador
Winter Preparation

Set Your Calendars

Kansas Honey Producers

Spring 2018 Conference

March 9 & 10, 2018, Friday & Saturday

The Cedars Conference Center

1021 Cedars Drive, McPherson, KS



**Beginning Beekeeping Class**

January 27, 2018

Enrollment available soon through the UFM Community Learning Center. You will learn about bee biology, care and feeding, equipment selection and use, honey and wax production, pest control and resources for continued education.  The course objective is to prepare you to successfully care for your bees during the first year of beekeeping. The fee includes a one-year membership in KBA.



Meeting Topics

January- Splits, and Swarms

February - State Requirements for Honey Sales

-KDA Speaker

March - What should I be doing this month with my bees?  Open Forum- Bring your questions?

April - Speaker: Nancy Moore. Planning for Pollinators

May - Hive Inspections - Hands on Inspections

June - Honey Extraction

July - Hive Pests and Diseases

August -  What should I be doing this month with my bees?
Winter Preparations
Hive Inspection Demonstration - Hands-on Inspections 
September - What should I be doing this month with my bees? Fall feeding.

October 7th- Social at Paul's Place

     Rain Date Oct. 14

December- Honey Tasting and Treats

Monthly Meetings

2nd Tuesday of Each Month at 7 pm @ Sunset Zoo