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Installing Bee packages
               Installing Bees (Shaking method)
               Installing Bees (Non-shaking method)

Varroa Mites: Inspection and Management

Honey Labels

Hive Beetles

UF Bee LabEpisode 3: Small Hive Beetle

Varroa Mites  UFhoneybeelab  

Tools for Varroa Management - Honey Bee Health Coalition

Randy Oliver Mite Wash and Hive inspection

Tips on Working Bees Randy Oliver NY Bee Wellness

Effective use of Oxalic Acid to suppress Varroa with Marion Ellis


Powder Sugar Roll For Varroa Mites on Honey Bees.

Managing Honey Bee Population for Greater Honey Yield Morris Ostrofsky

Making a Robber Screen.

Honey Bee Parasites, Pests, Predators and Diseases

Nosema & Varroa Mites Randy Oliver NY Bee Wellness

Mite Check 101: The First Annual Mite-A-Thon

Mite Test Sugar Shake "How To" Video click here

Bee Associations 

  Kansas Honey Producers Association (KS - State affiliate)

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Flint Hills Beekeepers  (KS - local affiliate) - East- Central KS
We meet monthly (except December) on the second Saturday at 2pm.

Solomon Valley Beekeepers (KS - local affiliate) - North Central KS

Northeastern Kansas Beekeepers' Association (KS - local affiliate) - North East KS

Bee Supplies

Golden Prairie Honey Farms:

Apiculture Insurance Expanded to More States

Crop Insurance for beekeeper operations has been expanded to included 19 additional states and now spans the entire 48 contiguous states. In addition to expanding API coverage, the Federal Crop Insurance Corporation Board of Directors voted to replace the statelitte-based Vegetation Index with the precipitation-based Rainfall Index for API policies.

Click here to read the entire press release.

konza Bee Association

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